Helping a spouse gain citizenship

US ImmigrationUS citizens are able to assist their spouses or relatives to gain lawful permanent residence in the United States by sponsoring their application to join the pathway to citizenship. One part of that sponsorship entails the citizen providing proof that they are financially capable of supporting their spouse or relation after they have arrived in the country.

Those who are actually eligible for petition include the spouse or children (unmarried or married) of people who already have US citizenship. US citizens who are over the age of 21 can also submit a petition for their parents and siblings. The sponsor must start the process by putting in a Petition for Alien Relative document, otherwise known as Form I-130, which establishes their relationship to their spouse or relative. Instructions on the completion of this form can be reviewed by applicants at the website or state satellite office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

After filing Form I-130, the relative will be placed in line along with other immigrants from the same country or region who are waiting to come to the United States with the same type of relationship.

When they reach the front of the queue, they may then be able to enter the country providing they have passed the meeting admissions requirements and background checks.

Special consideration is given to individuals who are immediate relatives of those with US citizenship, including parents, unmarried children below the age of 21 and spouses, for whom there is no waiting list.