Immigration reform bill expected next week


A bipartisan group is readying to unleash the most comprehensive immigration reform bill in 25 years in what could be a dramatic victory for the policies of US President Barack Obama.  A bill is now anticipated to be presented to the Senate as early as Monday, according to Democrat Robert Menendez, who is one of the “Gang of Eight” Senators who have tried to thrash out the deal.

Other members of the group have already stated that the deal will include a long term pathway to US citizenship for the great majority of the 11 million undocumented immigrants that already live and work in the country.  The bill is also expected to include tighter measures for border security and an increase in the quotas of overseas workers.

Some of the lawmakers, including Senator John McCain, had been hoping to be able to introduce the bill by this Friday, but sources now say it is more likely to be early next week.  In an indication that the deal was close to arriving, a hearing has been scheduled for April 17th by Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, something that has increased the pressure on the negotiators to get the legislation finalized.

It is claimed that under the plan undocumented immigrants will be barred from making applications for legal residency until the southern US border with Mexico is being 100% monitored and 90% of illegal border crossings are being prevented.