Is Obama preparing to force Republicans into immigration reform?

Is Obama preparing to force Republicans into immigration reform?With 2013 slowly winding to a close, many believe that the New Year is going to be a good one for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.  This year has been a difficult year with the high of the passing of a comprehensive reform bill by the Senate back in June, followed by the low of the Republicans refusing to even take the bill to the floor in the House of Representatives.

However, Democrats and members of the Obama administration suddenly seem to be filled with a new confidence and swagger as they grow more and more assertive on the issue.  President Obama has been increasingly forthright in his demands for the Republican Party to take up the immigration bill and have the House pass it.

“The Senate bill has the main components of comprehensive immigration reform that would boost our economy, give us an opportunity to attract more investment and high-skilled workers who are doing great things in places like Silicon Valley and around the country,” Obama once said.  “So let’s go ahead and get that done.”

Now, however, Obama is showing the signs of a man who is intent on having his way, declaring that he does not care what shape the immigration bill takes – a nod to the House of Representatives wishing to have a series of bills rather than one big one – so long as the necessary steps (including offering undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship) get done.  The question remains as to whether or not the House will play ball.