Latino immigrants find better life in US

Latino immigrants find better life in USA poll organized by the Harvard School of Public Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and National Public Radio to discover whether or not Latinos who immigrated to the United States in search of a better life actually succeeded in finding one has revealed overwhelmingly that the answer is a definite yes.

Latinos are likely to become the biggest non-white racial group within the United States by the year 2050 and the Harvard School researchers say that the poll was a chance for Latino immigrants to talk about their lives and their local communities.  Latinos born overseas were asked for their reasons for coming to the US, with the great majority responding that they wanted to get on the path to citizenship in order to get a better life.

They were then asked to rank their satisfaction level across a range of different issues and the way those issues were dealt with at home in comparison to in the United States.  These issues included women’s legal rights, safety from crime, the quality of schools and health care, opportunities to get ahead and degrees of personal freedom.  For the majority of the measures those involved rated the situation in the US as being massively superior to that in their country of origin.

The majority of answers suggested that those Latinos who came to the US to find a better life had succeeded, with the poll also revealing that the children of Latino immigrants ended up much better off economically due to having better access to more technology and greater educational opportunities.