New upgrade to E-Verify

american-flag-immigrationThe United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have announced that they have given their E-Verify system a major enhancement in order to significantly cut down on the number of identity frauds that can be successfully achieved.  The enhancement was revealed in a statement that was released on November 18th by the director of USCIS, Alejandro Mayorkas.

The enhancement makes use of a brand new safeguard that effectively “locks” any and all Social Security numbers that have been “stolen, borrowed, purchased or otherwise misused…  and prevent further abuse of the compromised number in E-Verify records,” the announcement states.  The brand new feature bears a resemblance to the kind of protections employed by credit card companies to prevent fraud and theft.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services uses a mixture of algorithms, detection reports and analysis to track misuse and then disable any Social Security number that it believes is being made use of in a fraudulent manner.  Mayorkas noted in the announcement that the measure is yet another step forward in the agency’s determination to increase the system’s ability to fight identity fraud, noting that the development is “yet another significant safeguard for E-Verify users (that) could assist employees who have had their Social Security numbers stolen or compromised.”

When the use of a locked number is detected by the new system, a “Tentative Non-Confirmation” notice is then sent out.  This finding can be contested by the person who uses the number at a local Social Security office should a mistake have been made.