Republicans change immigration reform priorities

Immigration reformRepublicans in the House of Representatives are altering their stance on the issue of urgent immigration reform after a wave of public criticism from religious leaders, Hispanic advocacy organizations and many notable public figures. While the fight to have comprehensive immigration reform actually enacted is a long way from being at an end, more and more people are aware of the need for it to happen and have dedicated their time and energy to ensuring that new and better laws are created in regards to undocumented immigrants.

A number of representatives are even becoming specific targets due to their stance against immigration reform., the pro-immigration reform group created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is intending to air a series of adverts focused on Iowa Representative Steve King, who has been a major opponent of the ENLIST Act, which would allow undocumented immigrants to serve in the United States military in return for citizenship. King believes that the bill being passed by Congress would not benefit the country.

Campaign adverts against the likes of King aim to pressure members of the Republican Party into taking action on immigration reform, though a number of conservatives believe some of the steps being considered toward helping illegal immigrants are misguided.

Advocates for immigration reform continue to patiently wait for President Obama to make a decision about using executive action, which opponents argue oversteps the boundaries of his authority as President, while remaining hopeful that the House of Representatives will finally deal with the issue before the close of 2014.