The time is now for immigration reform

AMERICAWith the Gang of Eight bipartisan senators preparing to introduce the bill for US immigration reform in the Senate today, support is continuing to grow for a plan to fix the nation’s broken immigration system once and for all.

Tens of thousands of people went on a march to Capitol Hill last week in order to call for immigration reform and there have been endless polls showing that Americans from all walks of life want the country’s immigration problems to receive a common sense solution that will offer a chance for US citizenship for millions of undocumented youths and their families.  After many years of debate that solution appears to finally be within reach.

However, such solutions have seemed to be in reach before, only to lose steam at the final hurdle and advocates of immigration reform are calling on Americans to come together and demand that Congress do the right thing at long last.

There are millions of young people in the United States who have no legal status, who were brought to the country as children and raised as Americans.  For most of them, the United States is the only country that they have ever known and yet they face deportation to nations they have no memory of or knowledge about, which may even speak languages they would be incapable of understanding.  Immigration advocates have been quick to point out that if talented young people such as this are being prevented from contributing to the economy by broken immigration laws, then it is long past time that those laws are changed.