Walker wants to help families and enforce immigration laws

Walker wants to help families and enforce immigration lawsWhoever is elected president of the United States in 2016 needs to put an end to illegal immigration by enforcing existing laws at every level throughout the nation and start focusing on American families, according to Republican presidential nominee candidate Scott Walker.

Walker made his comments on Tuesday during an interview with JD Hayworth, the host of Newsmax Prime. Walker added that the United States needs to implement an immigration system that will make American working families and the wages they earn its priority in a way that can help the US economy as a whole. Walker was largely dismissive of the controversy over the so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, noting that if the law were to actually start being enforced, this problem would essentially solve itself.

Walker is currently in his second term and dismissed as inaccurate claims by the Wall Street Journal that he supports allowing undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States and perhaps even get onto a path to citizenship. He claims that his current stance is the result of conversations with a number of governors of states on the US border, such as Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Arkansas.

“I spent the time this past year listening to people, talking to people across the country, listening to folks who have been working day in and day out on the issue of immigration, and dealing with the challenge, particularly on border states,” Walker claims. “I’ve taken a different path in regard to that position because I listen.”