Young immigrants fed up with the Republicans and Democrats

Young immigrants fed up with the Republicans and DemocratsOnly around 50% of the young immigrants that have grown up in the United States sans legal documentation or status identify with the Democrats,k with a similar number saying they have some non-party affiliation or are independents, a new study published yesterday claims.

The findings seem to contradict the general perception that young immigrants, often referred to as ‘dreamers’, are overwhelmingly in favor of the Democrats.  The study implies that the immigrants’ views on politics are likely to be shaped by the progress – or lack of – being made in Washington with regard to an overhaul of the US immigration system to put them on a pathway to citizenship.  The study also found that the youths are skeptical about both parties, with the Republicans attracting the most skepticism.

The study found that around 40% of the youths feel closer to the Democrats due to the party’s stance on immigration, with just 5% favoring the Republicans; however, 40% of the young immigrants said they were unable to support the Democrats without immigration reform actually being passed.

The nationwide study is based on one of the biggest surveys of undocumented youth to date, which is a group that has often been difficult to sample due to its status.  While these youths cannot vote, their views are nonetheless significant due to the impact they may have on the Latinos, who can vote, and the study gives a rare insight into the immigration history and demographics of young undocumented immigrants.