All about Green Card for Multinational Executives and Managers

There are many multinational companies that have workers and work to do in the US.Multinational companies provide employment in the US and also contribute to the US economy. The managers and executives of such companies also have a need to spend considerable amounts of time in the US on business matters. As a result of all these facts, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) have made it possible for transferee, executives and managers of multinational companies to apply for a green card to live and work in the US.

You may qualify for a green card for multinational executives and managers if:

1) You can prove that you are a multinational manager or executive. You can do this by having your employer write a letter to US immigration authorities, outlining your job, tasks, and duties in detail.

2) You have worked for at least one of the past three years at a foreign company as multinational executive or manager. This job must have been held before you entered the US on a nonimmigrant visa or before you filed to enter the US on such a visa. You can often prove this by submitting past pay stubs or tax information, showing your earnings from the company.

3) You have worked as a manager or executive for a foreign company that is affiliated with the US. You can often establish this with US immigration authorities with documentation that shows that the US branch and the foreign company are owned by the same person or that one branch owns the other.

4) You are being transferred to a US company or branch that is in active business in the US and has been in active business for at least one year. You can often prove this by submitting annual reports or other business documents about the US company.

If you have prove all four points to US immigration authorities, you will generally be able to qualify for a EB-1C or EB1C, or a green card for multinational executives and managers. This green card will grant you permanent residency in the US, which will allow you to remain and live in the US for employment purposes. In fact, a green card will allow you to travel more freely between the US and your home country and will allow you to live permanently in the US and even study in the US.