183 immigrants released from federal detention

183 immigrants released from federal detention183 people were released from immigration detention centers in Georgia and a number of other states by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in November. This followed the announcement by President Obama that he was taking executive action on the issue of immigration reform and reprieving millions of undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation.

There are immigration detention centers in Ocilla and Lumpkin in Georgia, while ICE detainees are also held in the Atlanta City Detention Center under a contract with the US government. The number of people released was disclosed by ICE yesterday but no details were provided about the identities of those immigrants released from detention, where exactly they were released from, or what kind of criminal records they may or may not have had, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ICE says that the released immigrants have to check in periodically under “orders of supervision”.

The focus of the immigration enforcement favored by the Obama administration is being moved to convicted felons, people caught at the US border, national security threats and gang members. Those who illegally enter the United States after the beginning of this year, who have failed to leave the country despite being ordered to do so or who have a number of significant misdemeanors will also be targeted.

“ICE has immediately started to screen individuals in our custody who may be affected by executive actions,” a statement issued by ICE last week declared.