Activists use Clinton to put pressure on Obama

USI Immigration reformImmigration activists are trying to use Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s stance on immigration reform to put pressure on President Obama in the hope of forcing him to do even more for immigrants. Last week Clinton claimed that she would expand on Obama’s executive action to give undocumented immigrants work permits if she wins the presidency in 2016.

Clinton claims she would go further than the President and extend protection from deportation to the parents of those tagged Dreamers – undocumented immigrants who were minors when brought to the United States. The White House claims that the president has already done everything legally possible; however, Clinton’s remarks have led activists to demand that Obama does more.

“President Obama could make the changes to the immigration enforcement system outlined by Clinton,” says a letter from the #Not1MoreCampaign group, according to the Associated Press. “If Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party believe in these changes as more than talking points, they should move for President Obama to enact them immediately with the urging and vocal support of his party.”

Immigration is looking like a critical issue in the upcoming 2016 election and Clinton has already used it to stand out from her Republican Party rivals who are against Obama’s unilateral actions; however, Clinton’s remarks also put her at odds with the president, with Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, insisting that Obama has already done everything he legally can.