Advocates demand more immigration reform

US flagProtesters distressed about the immigration policies in the United States are campaigning for improvements in the treatment of immigrants.  The move comes as the Senate has finally given its approval to the immigration reform bill that would result in changes being made to that system.

However, even though the bill has yet to make it through the House of Representatives, many immigration advocates are unhappy with the length of time and difficulty involved for immigrants to be able to be granted a path to US citizenship, with immigrant rights groups saying that they are furious that the country’s immigration system continues to break up millions of families with rampant deportations and are demanding that lawmakers work together to get on with passing reforms.

Advocates of immigration say that the recent Senate decision is the first time that major action has been taken on the issue for more than 20 years.  Although the bill is now waiting to be approved by the House of Representatives, many House Republicans appear unwilling to even enter into discussions about the bill and as well as protesting, advocates have also been visiting the offices of Republican House members all across the state.

They are delivering thousands of petitions that have been signed by businesses and voters in California and want legislators to shorten the path to citizenship and cut down on deportations.  The bill is set to be discussed in the House of Representatives later this month.