Americans leaning toward immigration reform

US flagWith the question of immigration reform legislation hanging in the balance in Washington, especially in the House of Representatives, a brand new poll is showing that Americans are increasingly moving to the position adopted by the Democrats on the issue rather than the Republican Party.

The Gallup Survey, which was released yesterday, showed 48% of respondents believing that their views on immigration reform are closely mirrored by the policies of the Democrats, with just 36% being able to say the same for the Republicans.  The real caution for the Republican Party, however, is the demographic breakdown of the poll, with 70% of blacks more closely aligned with the Democrats, as were 60% of Hispanics.  With white voters, there was a more even split of 41% and 42% in favor of the Democrats or Republicans respectively.

Gallup’s analysis suggests that the percentage of Hispanic voters who indicated a preference for the Democrats has now actually increased from the 51% that was found during last year’s contest.  Hispanics have been a vital voting bloc in the most recent two Presidential elections, helping Barack Obama to emerge triumphant in a number of key battleground states such as Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia and Colorado.

Experts are warning that the Republicans who are considering opposing US immigration reform should take note of the fact that Hispanics are slowly but surely moving more and more of their support to the party currently holding the White House.