Asians to become biggest immigration group in US

Immigration ReformAsians will surge past Hispanics and become the biggest immigrant group in the United States by 2065, according to a new study released today by the Pew Research Center. US population growth will be driven by the rise in Asian and Hispanic immigration and in 50 years’ time residents born overseas are likely to account for 18% of the nation’s expected population of 441 million.

The figure will set a new record, even higher than the almost 15% figure recorded in the late 19th century and early last century as a result of the wave of immigrants who arrived from Europe. Immigrants account for around 14% of the US population today, a which is a rise of 9% since 1965.

2065 is expected to be the year when Asians are likely to hit 36% and become the biggest immigrant group in America; in comparison, Hispanics are likely to account for 34%. White immigrants, who accounted for 80% in 1965, will account for around 19%, with black immigrants at around 8.5%, according to the study.

Researchers at Pew used their own data and census figures to come up with the estimates. The director of Hispanic Research at Pew, Mark Hugo Lopez, says that one of the reasons for the change is the decrease in the fertility of Central American women, particularly in Mexico.