Biden vows to take action on immigration reform

Immigration reformHispanic leaders have been assured by vice-president Joe Biden that President Obama intends to take action on the issue of immigration reform.  According to the Associated Press, Biden has stated that the president is determined to create a solution to this contentious issue.

The statement was made by the vice-president during a Hispanic Heritage Month reception hosted by Biden and his wife Jill.  In the course of the event Biden described education administrators and counselors in the Hispanic community as being “heroes in the classroom and community”.  Biden also pointed out that one in four pre-kindergarten to 12th grade students are Hispanic and that the Hispanic community will be playing a big role in the future of the United States.

The Washington Times says that Biden also declared that he understood the frustration felt by immigrant advocates over Obama’s decision to delay taking executive action on immigration reform until later in the year, at which point he is expected to help to create a path to US citizenship for the thousands of immigrants currently living illegally in the country and provide relief from deportation.  “I know you’re all waiting and you’re frustrated,” Biden admitted in his speech.  “The president’s going to do it, and he’s going to do an awful lot.”

“Watch when this election is over, watch what happens when all of a sudden our friends in the other team realize their prospects for future electoral success hinge upon acting rationally,” Biden continued.  “They will either act rationally, or we will act for them.”