Border Apprehensions on the Rise Again

The number of apprehensions on the US border has increased, with thousands more undocumented immigrants being caught attempting to illegally enter the country or claim asylum. The summer saw a 60 percent surge in apprehensions, putting pressure on the Trump administration to crack down further on the nation’s southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security uses apprehensions as a measure of illegal immigration by proxy, in the belief that the number of people apprehended is constant, giving a reflection of the total crossings. Apprehensions hit a 17-year low five months ago in April, but border agents saw the figures climb again from 11,125 to almost 22,300 individuals last month, with immigrants rushing to get into the US before tougher border security measures are enacted and the long-promised border wall is built.

A further 8,000 people have surrendered themselves to border stations, seeking either asylum or some other kind of help. A US official says the numbers have started to creep up and that, while they are still low in comparison to previous years, it is perhaps a surprise that the trend is definitely on the increase again.

The largest increase in 2017 has been with immigrant families from Central America. According to officials, the trend is likely to be due to the population already benefiting from policies that provide extra protection for parents and minors if they can show a credible fear of being returned to their home nation.