Brooks slams Rubio for weak immigration policies

Brooks slams Rubio for weak immigration policiesOn Tuesday Representative Mo Brooks slammed potential Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio for his weak stance on immigration. With the battle for the White House in 2016 beginning in earnest, Brooks says that the Republican Party needs to ensure that its chosen candidate will stand firm on the controversial topic.

Brooks made his statements on Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show, highlighting the part Rubio played as a senator in the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, which passed the Senate in 2013 but hit a standstill in the House of Representatives.

“It was giving amnesty and open borders to some degree to illegal aliens and increasing the number of lawful immigrants such that over a ten-year period of time, the number of foreigners who would either be legalized because they’re already here or would be allowed to come into the United States of America would be anywhere from 44 to 57 million,” Brooks claims, adding: “But it was Republicans like Marco Rubio in the United States Senate who led the effort to open the floodgates.”

Brooks is widely seen as one of Congress’s hardliners on the issue of immigration, together with Alabama senator Jeff Sessions. Brooks says the Republican Party needs to elect those who believe in the notion of border security and understand that a massive influx of immigrants – legal and illegal – would continue to damage the American families already hurting in the current economy and workforce.