Can Immigration Consultants Help You?

When someone is filling out USCIS forms and trying to get a US Visa, US Green Card, or US Citizenship, it is very common for that person to be confused. Most immigration applicants have numerous questions and may need help filling out forms and communicating with the USCIS. This is especially the case where language barriers are an issue.

Immigration consultants can help. Immigrant consultants are professionals who know a great deal about immigration, but are not necessarily immigration attorneys. Immigration consultants may not have higher education in the field of immigration or any specialized qualifications, but they can often help applicants in a number of ways:

1) Immigrant consultants can usually handle smaller immigration tasks which do not require the more expensive services of an immigration attorney but which still pose a problem for an applicant.

2) Immigration consultants may know about resources (such as translators and immigrations services) which an applicant needs and can help steer an applicant towards these services.

3) Immigrant consultants can help advise an applicant whether they qualify for a specific visa or for a green card. This can help the applicant save money on USCIS application fees if the applicant is not qualified to apply. In some cases, immigrant consultants can help an applicant determine which visa programs they do qualify for.

4) Immigrant consultants can help answer questions about USCIS and forms and may be able to help an applicant fill out USCIS forms.

The services that immigrant consultants offer vary widely, so it’s important to carefully consider what services are offered before deciding to work with a consultant. As well, it is important to keep in mind that immigration consultants are not certified or regulated in any way. This means that it is up to the client to determine whether a specific immigration consultant has the expertise and the knowledge to be useful. There are several ways to do this:

1) Work with immigration consultants who are recommended by trusted sources, such as immigration attorneys or immigration associations.

2) Before working with an immigration consultant, ask about their education, experience, and prices. Look for someone who has worked with immigration applicants extensively, has worked for a long time in the field, and is affordable.

3) Ask for customer referrals. Ask to speak to an immigration consultant’s previous clients. Ask the clients about their experiences. Specially, ask what the immigration consultant was able to do that the applicants were not able to do for themselves.