Canada benefits from US bickering over immigration reform

CanadaThe stalled attempt to reform the immigration system in the United States has provided Canada with the opportunity to stockpile a large amount of young, highly skilled foreign nationals and move them into the nation’s burgeoning technology sector, according to federal government minister Jason Kenney last week.

Kenney has given a hearty endorsement to the Canadian government’s attempts to lure educated immigrants in a direct counterpoint to the obstacles thrown in their way by the immigration policies of the United States.  “We’re seeking very deliberately to benefit from the dysfunctional American immigration system,” Kenney informed reporters during a news conference on the West Coast, where he announced funding to enable highly-skilled workers obtain the certification necessary to find legal employment in Canada.  “I make no bones about it.”

Kenney declared that the government of Canada has no qualms about trying to benefit from the very smart college graduates coming out of the United States, where young people attend distinguished schools, such as the University of California, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in their tens of thousands.

Kenney added that Canada intends to continue aggressively promoting the opportunities that it can provide, including its incoming fast-track to permanent residency program and start-up visa program, to entrepreneurs who want to start new companies but find that they are unable to get a green card in the US.