CAPS adverts ask senators to stand against immigration

CAPS adverts ask senators to stand against immigrationAdverts have been launched on national cable TV networks, by the group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), appealing for senators to stand up for working people in America and protect them from President Obama and billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg. The group says that the president and billionaires want to take American jobs and give them to immigrants, with the adverts set to run for several weeks all over the United States.

“The American worker is getting pushed to the back of the job line just to satisfy Wall Street bottom lines and the president’s political agenda,” claims Californians for Population Stabilization executive director Jo Wideman. “It’s time someone stood for American workers. At a time when millions of Americans still can’t find jobs, billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg want to bring in more cheap immigrant labor just to increase corporate profits.”

Wideman accuses President Obama of simply going along with such demands and wants to know who is going to stand up for ordinary working Americans, with the aim of the ads being to find out where individual senators stand on the controversial issue. Zuckerberg has even created his own political group and spent millions of dollars promoting an increase in immigration.

Wideman went on to say that it was time for billionaires to allow ordinary Americans to obtain their share of the supposed economic recovery and to be given the first shot at new jobs and the chance to earn a fair wage, pointing out that billions have been spent on lobbying for immigration reform when many Americans are unable to pay their mortgages or find work.