Carson rejects immigrants who want to change America

Carson rejects immigrants who want to change AmericaRepublican presidential nomination candidate Ben Carson says that while he has no problem welcoming new immigrants into the United States, these immigrants should not be allowed to alter to the nature of the country or its populace. Speaking yesterday at Christian college Spring Arbor University in his home state of Michigan, Carson declared that America should remain Judeo-Christian.

“I have no interest in being like everybody else and giving away all of our values and principles for the sake of political correctness,” Carson, whose standing in Republican polls has increased of late, told the crowd. “There is such a thing as an American dream and the American way. Anybody is welcome to come to America, but they don’t get to change who we are.”

Carson’s 30-minute speech also included accusing the Democratic Party of trying to divide Americans with fictional non-issues such as the ‘war on women’, which he called a “phony thing” and “all hype”.

Carson noted that it would be better to look at countries where women are treated as “chattel”, whose court testimonies do not count as much as a man’s, and where they are not even allowed to drive. He said that preventing this kind of ideology being imported into the United States as a result of immigration is a more real concern, which earned him a round of applause.

Detroit has one of the country’s biggest Middle Eastern populations, with Arab-Muslims representing the biggest Muslim ethnic group in the area.