Congressman claims Democrats seeking to boost votes through immigrants

Congressman claims Democrats seeking to boost votes through immigrantsLouisiana Congressman Dr John Fleming claims that President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform is designed to increase the number of people in the United States who will vote for the Democratic Party. Fleming made the comments about the ulterior motive of the President when he was a guest on the radio program The John Fredericks Show.

“Make no mistake about it: this is part of a grand plan for the Democrat Party to make this nation into a single-party state,” Fleming insisted. Although Fleming was quick to acknowledge that the great majority of undocumented immigrants are hardworking people with families and “great values”, he pointed out that they also consistently vote for the Democrats, meaning that the Democrats see them as certain voters even if their policies leave existing American citizens unimpressed.

While those who do not hold US citizenship are not legally allowed to vote in elections, a number of election officials have acknowledged that checking the credentials of all voters is not possible due to a lack of resources. An ID is all that is needed to register in many states.

Around five million undocumented immigrants could become eligible to vote under the executive action taken by the president in November last year ‒ a number very similar to that which secured Obama’s victory in the last presidential election against Republican Mitt Romney. The White House is currently attempting to overturn an injunction preventing Obama’s executive action going ahead.