Courageous advocates support immigration reform

Courageous advocates support immigration reformPeople all over the United States are rallying together to show their support for immigration reform and to ensure that immigrants who have been put in detention over what are often minor misdemeanors receive fair treatment. Some of the biggest hotbeds of activity among immigration advocates of late include the state of California and close to government offices in Washington DC.

Latinos from all over California have been showing their support for the Trust Act, while women of all ages, colors and creeds have gathered together to call for greater awareness of the need for immigration reform and an end to deportations.  In the last few years, Californians have been joining together to demonstrate their support for friends and family members who have been detained or deported due to the fact that they are undocumented immigrants.

In the January of this year, the Trust Act came into effect, which has succeeded in radically reducing the number of deportations in California and giving hope to advocates of immigration reform at a time when the number of deportations nationwide has hit an all-time high. The measure enables more immigrants who are in detention to be released quicker and avoids the threat of them being transferred into the custody of federal authorities.

Across the country from California a hundred women have launched a 48 hour fast with the aim of getting the issue to permeate the consciousness of American families and hopefully inspiring thoughtful discussions about improving current immigration laws.