Cruz could pull Republicans further right

Cruz could pull Republicans further rightYesterday Senator Ted Cruz became part of the 2016 presidential nomination race in typically controversial style, upstaging other candidates in the Republican Party by making a passionate speech that threatens to drag the party even further to the political right.

Even if he does not get the nod, let alone win the White House, Cruz’s candidacy is likely to force other Republicans to make their opinions known on a number of divisive issues, including immigration. Cruz favors a strong national defense but smaller government, as do many Republicans, and his boldness in speaking out on contentious topics may force others to do likewise to clarify where they stand. This may cause big problems for other candidates and potentially alienate voters.

Cruz has made no secret of his opposition to the executive action taken by President Obama on the issue of US immigration reform, despite being the child of a Cuban immigrant, and makes no apologies for his often-controversial beliefs. “It is the time for truth,” the senator told students in a speech at Liberty University yesterday. “It is the time for liberty. It is the time to reclaim the constitution of the United States.”

Liberty University is a religious campus founded by the late Jerry Falwell and has long been a popular choice for Republican candidates to visit to boost their conservative credibility. Cruz spoke of his desire to reverse immigration reform, end Obamacare and shutter the IRS.