Curbelo creates committee for immigration reform

Curbelo creates committee for immigration reformFlorida representative Carlos Curbelo, a freshman in the House, has taken another step towards making immigration reform one of his major priorities. The Cuban-American lawmaker, who started his new career as a congressman last month, has created a political action committee under the moniker What A Country! Curbelo’s new committee aims to raise funds for candidates in the Republican Party who agree with finding a comprehensive approach to deal with the issue of immigration reform, including offering a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants and bolstering border security, published reports state.

“What A Country! recognizes that the United States is the land of opportunity, where anyone who comes here and works hard and plays by the rules can get ahead,” Curbelo told the Miami Herald. “It will support candidates who understand the importance of overhauling our nation’s immigration laws to secure our borders, promote legal immigration and reward those who contribute to our economy.”

The representative is making a very public declaration of his decision to embrace a middle of the road attitude to immigration that makes a point of offering relief to undocumented immigrants and stressing the need for enforcement at the same time.

Florida Republican representative Mario Diaz-Balart, who has long been pushing for immigration reform in the House of Representatives, told Fox News Latino that he commends Curbelo’s decision to form a political action committee to elect and maintain party members who share the values of the rule of law, hard work and opportunity.