Democrats and Republicans unhappy over immigration reform

Democrats and Republicans unhappy over immigration reformWith the current session of Congress about to close with no action having been taken over the issue of immigration reform, Democrats and Republicans alike appear to be unhappy at their respective parties’ handling of the situation, according to a new poll.

Only 37% of Republicans and those leaning toward the Republican party believe that the party done well when it comes to representing their feelings on immigration reform, with 56% declaring outright that it has done a bad job.  Democrats are a little more positive about the way the issue has been handled; nonetheless, 44% believe that the party is failing to do as good a job as it could.33% of Republicans think the party is too willing to allow undocumented immigrants living and working in the United States to gain legal status, with 18% complaining that it is not willing enough to do the same thing.  When it comes to the Democrats, 21% feel the party is too lenient, while 20% do not think it is lenient enough.  Republicans are also more critical of their party than Democrat supporters when it comes to other issues, such as same sex marriage, abortion and government spending.

The survey was conducted earlier this month by Pew Research Center, with 863 Republicans and party leaners and 913 Democrats and party leaners polled among a total of 2,002 respondents.