Economy could be improved by immigration reform

Overhauling immigration laws could result in a boost to economic growth and a slashing of the federal budget deficit, according to a new analysis provided by a conservative think tank.  The American Action Forum published a new report on Tuesday that is part of an increasing strategy on the part of high profile conservative groups to support the fight for US immigration reform by using economic arguments.

These arguments challenge the notions put forth by a number of other conservatives that US citizens would see their jobs stolen from them by immigrants, force down wages and increase the deficit by increasing the necessity for government support.  New York Democrat Senator Charles Schumer says that legislation for comprehensive immigration reform in the United States, which includes a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants already living in the country, could be ready to go as soon as the end of this week.

The research, which was published by the American Action Forum on Tuesday, cites the greater labor force participation, entrepreneurial bent and birth rate among immigrants in comparison to those born in the US as important factors that could increase gross domestic product growth by 1% every year for the next ten years.

“A benchmark immigration reform would raise the pace of economic growth by nearly a percentage point over the near term, raise GDP per capita by over $1,500 and reduce the cumulative federal deficit by over $2.5tn,” the report states.