Georgia Republicans urged to pass immigration bill

FLAG2Supporters of immigration reform have been making a big push prior to Republicans starting to debate the new immigration bill in Washington today.  Ana Michelle Morales came to the United States with her family 13 years ago and says that there will be a backlash if the House of Representatives does not pass the bill.

“If they don’t approve the bill, most of the people are going to move to a place where they are not targeted,” Morales claims.  “I think everybody needs it.”  She and other members of immigration support groups in Georgia met yesterday in front of the state’s Republican headquarters in a rally designed to put pressure on them to give their support to immigration reform.

“To continue the effort at the national level the Senate passed the bill,” noted Ev Howe, who added that with the President of the United States also ready and willing to pass the bill it is time for the House of Representatives to come to their senses and do likewise.  People came to the rally bearing signs and a painted sheet that saw the American flag depicted as a wall.

“The wall is symbolic of the obstruction that we see in Congress,” says immigration reform supporter Stacy Hopkins.  Supporters say that the bill offers a path to US citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants but a Georgia Republican spokesman claimed that the current bill is too problematic and reiterated the standard conservative complaints about border security and amnesty.