GOP presidential candidates should support immigration reduction

Immigration ReformThe current ‘autopilot’ immigration system in the United States that quietly allows millions of new immigrant workers to enter the country every year is failing to meet the needs of the people of America, according to Representative David Brat and Senator Jeff Sessions.

Brat and Sessions claim that any candidate deserving the position of President of the United States should make a commitment to immigration policies that put the American people before the interests of advocacy groups that want open borders and big business lobbyists who want cheap labor. “Anyone running for the White House who cannot publicly commit to these principles should consider a different occupation,” the duo wrote in an opinion piece for Roll Call Monday. “Americans should no longer have to wonder for whom their leaders work.”

The two immigration critics say that the United States is experiencing an enormous population shift, yet there has been little conversation with regard to this change or the repercussions it could have for American society as a whole. Brat and Sessions say that the whole point of any kind of immigration reform should be to benefit the United States; however, the term has been taken over by those who want to open the borders to import cheap labor.

“This is not immigration reform,” the pair noted of the failed Gang of Eight immigration bill, which didn’t make it to a vote in the House of Representatives. “This is the dissolution of the nation state, of the principle that a government exists to serve its own people.”