Graham and McCain reject immigration reform delay

americaRepublican Senators within the “Gang of Eight” have rejected calls from some members of their own party to slow things down and are keen to present their legislation for immigration reform as soon as they have finished finalizing all of the relevant details.

“We don’t have that many differences that need to be resolved and we need to get moving,” Senator John McCain told reporters yesterday.  “We need to get it over to the Judiciary Committee so that they can be part of the process.  The time comes for every issue and I’ve been involved in these many times and it’s time we got our final issues resolved – or not resolved.”

A group of Republican Senators have lately been calling for the Judiciary Committee to take time over reviewing the bill, calls that may have a sympathizer in Senator Marco Rubio, who has called for the bill to receive multiple hearings, something that has infuriated many supporters of America immigration reform.  Senator Lindsey Graham, however, says that he is confident of a deal being reached soon and made it clear that he has little interest in sitting through a drawn out series of hearings before it finally moves on to the amendment process and then a vote.

Lindsey pointed out that one hearing on US immigration reform was apparently enough seven years ago, back in 2006, and he fails to see any reason why that would not also be the case today.