Hazelton gains Trump office

A local office has opened for the Presidential campaign of controversial billionaire Donald Trump in Hazelton, near Buttonwood and South Church streets in the Sandton Business Center. About 100 people turned out to open the center on Saturday morning, with Trump having gained the very public support of Frank Schmidt, the Mayor of West Hazelton.

The campaign is unique, according to the co-chairs of the Pennsylvania Trump campaign, Representative Tom Marino from Lycoming Township, and Lou Barletta of Hazelton. Barletta says he has never seen a candidate have as much energy behind them as is the case with Trump, with people coming from all over to try to help and around 100,000 Democrats in Pennsylvania having jumped ship to the Republican campaign because of him.

Barletta adds that the real estate mogul is by far the best candidate to be the next President of the United States, noting that he is committed to returning American jobs back to the country, supporting the military and veterans, preventing illegal immigration and getting the populace back to work and off welfare. Barletta believes that Trump’s status as an outsider in Washington is precisely why he is needed so much.

The Trump camp also has a presence in Lackawanna County, Clarks Summit and Mechanicsburg in Cumberland County. Marlene Loose from Kingston is one of the Trump delegates within the 11th Congressional District and says she likes his stance on issues such as tax reform, health care reform, veterans’ reform and immigration reform.