Hispanics and blacks support immigration reform

Hispanics and blacks support immigration reformHispanic Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of the executive action on immigration reform taken by President Obama, according to a new survey. The President made the announcement that he would use his executive authority to protect up to five million undocumented immigrants against the threat of deportation last November.

The announcement saw 26 states, led by Texas, launch a lawsuit against the action and last month saw a federal judge slap down an injunction that prevented the program going ahead, at least for the moment. Despite the best efforts of the Republican Party, a new poll conducted by Marist Poll and co-sponsored by Telemundo and NSNBC shows that Obama’s decision gets the approval of 57% of adults in the United States and a staggering 78% of the Hispanic community.

The results of the new survey show little variation when it comes to gender, with 79% of Hispanic females in favor of the president’s executive action and 74% of Hispanic males. There is a larger gap when it comes to Hispanics born within and outside the United States, however, with 72% of US-born Hispanics agreeing with the president’s action compared with 84% of those born outside the US.

75% of African-Americans are in favor of Obama’s plan, with just 21% against. White Americans support immigration reform with a much smaller margin, with 50% in favor and 49% against.