How the economy is boosted by immigration

How the economy is boosted by immigrationWhen a report was released last month by the Pew Hispanic Research Centre showing a rise in undocumented immigration in the United States, it resulted in all manner of allegations being thrown around.  The Republican Party started demanding harsher border control, while the Democrats argued that the US economy was just becoming a lot more tempting. However, few really thought about the positive impact on the country that could be made by an inflow of immigrants.

Many good things can come from immigration.  Forbes says that undocumented workers have a tendency to react much quicker to changes in the economy due to the fact that they have not been waiting for years for US visas.  More workers flow into the United States when the economy is good, but those numbers then ebb if the economy takes a downturn.  The arrival of more immigrants is merely an indication that the market is starting to build up again.

Yet another positive consequence of a rise in immigration is that it pushes Congress into taking another look at reform, an issue that looms so large at the moment because it affects the lives of a lot more people than has been the case for a long time, with more immigrants now living in the United States.

Businesses are also pushing for immigration reform as they like the flexibility provided by foreign employees, but the hiring process has previously been hindered by slow reform and tighter borders.