Immigrant Students Still Welcome in the US

With the US immigration policy a hot topic of discussion across the world, and especially in the likes of India, the Times of India has been told by Kent May, the Chief of Consular Services at the US Consulate General, that, with regards to US visas, the nation continues to welcome students who genuinely want to study at their universities.

May says that no major changes have taken place in the immigration policy of the US for years, and there is no sign of Congress making any, noting that the present administration is just doing what all administrations do in looking at whether immigration policy is a benefit to the US economy, moves that should have no impact on overseas students who meet the criteria necessary to qualify to become students at US universities.

The number of immigrant students, particularly from India, fell in 2017. However, May points out that there are still a million overseas students currently studying in the US, and that people are still heading to the country to study, thanks to the valued diversity offered by over 4500 accredited academic institutions, including large universities and smaller colleges.

There are currently just under 200,000 Indian students in the US, with an average rate of applications ranging from between 25,000 and 77,000 per annum. Those numbers have doubled since 2005, with an 86% increase in the last five years.