Immigration plan a good start, Rubio says

One of the leading members of the bipartisan Gang of Eight responsible for the new immigration reform bill, Senator Marco Rubio, has begun to doubt that the legislation will be able to pass in a House of Representatives that is controlled by the Republican Party, but nonetheless says that he will work on the issue regardless of any political differences.

“The immigration reform bill in the Senate is a solid starting point for solving this problem, and I believe it can be made even better as Congress begins to actively work on it in committee next week,” Rubio declared in an opinion piece that has been published by the Wall Street Times.  “But defeating it without offering an alternative cannot be the conservative position on immigration reform.  That would leave the issue entirely in the hands of President Obama and leave in place the disastrous status quo.”

Rubio is considered a top candidate for a run at the White House in 2016 and is one of the Republican Party’s leading negotiators when it comes to immigration reform in the United States.  Rubio has lately been urging the House to change things about the immigration plan put forward by the Gang of Eight rather than just kill it.

Rubio has been adamant that the current immigration plan needs to be changed and is also a strong advocate for the mending of the US economy and the tightening of border security, noting that there is still much work to be done on the latter in particular.