Immigration reform in America’s national interest

A new opinion poll unveiled several days ago has demonstrated a dramatic change in the way that people from all over the world regard America’s standing as the leading economic and political superpower on the planet.  An increasing amount of people believe that the United States is beginning to lose its place as the world’s foremost superpower to China, a survey from the Pew Research Centre suggests.

The survey took in the opinions of around 38,000 people from 39 different countries, with the majority of the people in 23 of those nations believing that China will either overtake – or has already overtaken – the United States, with the most surprising revelation being that this opinion is shared by 49% of Americans.

The release of the new survey coincides with a vital period of the continuing debate in Washington in regards to comprehensive immigration reform.  The ongoing debate is still centered on issues of terrorism and national security, while also dealing with the bigger question as to whether or not the United States wants to continue to run an open and free society.

From both a cultural and an economic standpoint however, there seems to be little doubt that the benefits of having a good immigration policy far outweigh any negatives, and more and more experts are coming to believe that a new approach is needed to deal with the issue, an approach that aligns the nation’s immigration policy with the pressures being faced by the United States in the hyper-competitive world of the 21st century.