Immigration reform more likely than gun control

gunConceding the often fraught nature of politics when it comes to the issue of gun control, President Obama said yesterday that overhauling the immigration system in the United States is much more likely to happen than making any similarly comprehensive changes to gun control laws.

A small group of high-dollar donors were informed yesterday by Obama that he is optimistic about the chances of legislation in regards to immigration succeeding over the course of the next few months, due to the fact that the impact that was made by last year’s election has been able to break through partisan deadlocks on the issue.  “People spoke out through the ballet box,” he pointed out.

However, Obama concedes that while immigration reform is possible and may even be probable now, making similarly sweeping changes to the country’s notorious gun laws is likely to be a far tougher proposition.  “It’s going to be tougher to get the kind of gun legislation to reduce gun violence through the Senate and the House that so many of us, I think, want to see, particularly after the tragedy of Newtown.  And I still think that it can get done if people are activated and involved.”

Obama has been urging action on the part of Congress when it comes to the issues of both gun control and US immigration.  A bipartisan immigration bill is being prepared by Senators and is expected to be unveiled possibly as soon as next week.