Immigration reform top priority for new Irish Ambassador

US flagThe new Irish Ambassador to the United States, Anne Anderson, puts economic ties between Ireland and the US and immigration reform as being her major priorities as she takes over her new position.  Anderson told the Irish Times that the relationship between Ireland and the United States has long been dynamic, vibrant and unique but that it also needs constant reinvigoration and renewal.

“I see two major priorities for my posting there,” Anderson says.  “Both are real bread and butter issues affecting families all over Ireland: economic relations and immigration reform.  At this time of economic challenge in Ireland the economic relationship with the US is more important than ever.  The US is the biggest source of foreign investment in Ireland.”

Anderson adds that in trade terms the United States is the largest trade partner for Ireland for services, the second largest for trade in goods, and the second-biggest market for tourism.  She notes that the market out there is extremely competitive in this day and age and that they, therefore, have to constantly be thinking about how to up their game.  Anderson says that she intends to do everything that she possibly can to increase the chances of a bill for immigration reform getting through the US Congress.

Anderson notes that it is very important that undocumented Irish immigrants finally be allowed to come out of the shadows and have a legal path for immigration created for the future.