Immigration reform would boost Las Vegas tourism

Boehner prepared to let DHS funding lapseSenator Harry Reid and a number of officials from different Chambers of Commerce in Southern Nevada will stage a news conference today in Las Vegas with the intention of promoting immigration as a job creator that would boost the economy in the state.

In Washington last week Reid declared that the Obama administration will be forced to take independent action to cut down on the amount of deportations of undocumented immigrants if the House of Representatives fails to pass legislative reform this summer.  A comprehensive immigration reform bill was passed by the Senate last year, which would give a pathway to citizenship for around 11 million illegal immigrants currently living and working in the United States, in addition to expanding US visas, but the bill has stalled in the House.

John Boehner, the speaker of the House, says he would prefer to see action on immigration reform in 2014 but needs to overcome opposition from more conservative Republicans during a mid-term election year.  “We’ve waited 329 days; we’re willing to wait another six weeks,” Reid notes.  “But at the end of six weeks, if something hasn’t been done then there’s gonna have to be a move made.  And it’s too bad we have to do that, because we all know things can be done administratively, but it’s better to change the law.”

Reid also says a new law would increase international tourism, with 20% of Las Vegas tourism coming from overseas.  “Increasing international tourism and visitation to the United States creates jobs,” he insists.