Immigration should be frozen for ten years, Coulter says

Undocumented immigrants should be made guest workers, Carson saysControversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter says that the borders of the United States should be closed for a decade and that the immigration system of the nation has been corrupted by left-wing types who “hate America.” Coulter made the typically inflammatory comments in an interview with PJ Media while promoting her new book, Adios, America.

Coulter slammed the federal government for its continual failure to enforce laws preventing criminals from entering the United States. “There’s a law on the books that says if a country will not take a criminal back the attorney shall, not may, shall deny visas, any visas coming from that country – that is on the books right now,” Coulter points out. “Has it been enforced by Republicans or Democrats? No, it has not.”

The writer went on to note that government officials have also failed to enforce another law, that immigrants who fail to cooperate when being sent home are also committing a crime in that refusal, a crime that carries a prison sentence of four years on its own. “That’s never enforced. It’s never enforced,” she says. “Three times Congress has voted to build a fence, and it never gets built.”

During the interview, Coulter declared that a freeze lasting ten years needs to be implemented on the US immigration system as a legal fix can no longer rehabilitate the current system, which she believes is now completely corrupt. “The entire thing has to be shut down,” she claims.