Imminent deportation for Rizzuto

Well known gangster Vito Rizzuto faces deportation back to his home country, Canada. After being released from a prison in Colorado, Rizzuto was passed straight into the hands of U.S. immigration where he will no doubt be deported.

Chris Burke of the Federal Bureau of Prisons stated that Rizzuto would be either flown out of the U.S. back to Canada or alternatively driven to the U.S, Canadian border. The deportation follows the six year period in prison after being sentenced in and convicted in 2007 for the murders of three Bonanno Mob captains in Brooklyn in 1981. Although Rizzuto claims that he had a very minimal part to play in the murders of the three men, he did nevertheless admit being present and plead guilty.

The question lies that following the deportation, which life path will Rizzuto take. Some speculate that he will return to his mafia empire in Montreal, although we all know he would be best to return to Toronto where he has several relatives. Many believe that he will make the right choice and head back to Toronto as both his father and son were murdered while he was in prison, which ha sled to a shift in Mafia power to Ontario, an area associated with the Calbrian Mob.

Rizzuto will no doubt face deportation back to Canada, where the choice will be made whether to rekindle family ties or involve himself back in criminal activity.