Jindal wants secure border before immigration reform

Surge of undocumented immigrant minors hits new peakBobby Jindal, another Republican presidential nominee candidate and the current governor of Louisiana, believes that the US border needs to be secured before any conversation can begin regarding undocumented immigrants already living in the United States. Jindal made his comments on Thursday night in the broadcast of New Day on CNN.

Jindal noted that the government needs to secure the border and that endless diversions regarding comprehensive immigration reform, amnesty, thousand-page bills and various other politicians such as Jeb Bush and the Gang of Eight pushing their own agendas does not change this one basic fact. Jindal agrees with controversial candidate Donald Trump on the need to build a wall on the US border with Mexico and notes that back in the 1980s Americans were told that both amnesty and border control were needed, yet only the former materialized.

Jindal refused to answer the question about what to do with the millions of undocumented immigrants already living and working in the United States and repeatedly insisted that the border needs to be secured before any such discussion takes place. He added that Americans are skeptical about the idea of reform because they have heard it all before.

“Whenever folks before said we need to talk about it all together, we have gotten amnesty without securing the border,” Jindal claims. “Let’s secure the border, then we will deal with the folks that are here already, but first, let’s secure the border.”