King suggests impeaching Obama over immigration executive action

Some green card holders eligible for ObamacareRepresentative Steve King says that the Republican party needs to keep in mind the option of impeaching if President Obama uses executive action to give millions of undocumented immigrants legal status in the United States after the midterm elections next month.

“We know there is the ‘I’ word in the constitution that none of us want to say or act on,” King notes. “In this context, everything is on the table. We cannot have a president of the United States that believes that he can make up the law as he goes.” King admits that impeachment is not the first card that Republicans should be planning to play but that it needs to remain on the table as an option when it comes to Congress doing everything it can to defend the constitution.

King says that Congress should try to find ways to prevent any moves Obama tries to make on immigration reform via executive action rather than immediately jump to impeachment and has even called on protesters to surround the White House to let the president know in no uncertain terms what the American public thinks of his plans.

Obama was originally planning to take action by the end of summer but postponed doing so until after the November elections to try to avoid a backlash against Democratic senators. The temperature in Washington over Obama’s possible plans has increased after an order was made for card stock to potentially manufacture millions of green cards by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.