Legal immigration should be limited, Walker says

Syrian immigration to US should be suspended, says GibsonWalker reiterated his recent stance: while he was previously supportive of the idea of giving undocumented immigrants the chance to get on a path to US citizenship, he has changed his position on the issue. He added that he now thinks legal immigration should be limited to try to protect US workers. Walker stated that he has talked to Senator Jeff Sessions, who has made no secret of his own worries about the immigrants’ effect on American workers and wage levels, illegal and legal alike.  Walker claims that legal immigration is “a fundamentally lost issue by many in elected positions today”. He questioned what legal immigration is doing for American workers looking for jobs and what it is doing to wages, adding that “we need to have that be at the forefront of our discussion going forward.”

Our American Revival spokeswoman AshLee Strong claims that Walker supports protecting the wages of American workers and legal immigration and believes that wages and the US economy need to be taken into account when creating immigration laws. “He strongly supports legal immigration, and like many Americans, believes that our economic situation should be considered instead of arbitrary caps on the amount of immigrants that can enter.”