Liberians Face Deportation

Around 200 Liberian immigrants are being held in prison custody in Minnesota, where they await deportation from the US, according to Globe Afrique. On 17 November, four Liberian immigrants were deported from the country, leaving young children behind, and unconfirmed sources claim that another 55 face deportation very soon.

Deportation statistics were provided at an immigration  forum in Minnesota, which was hosted by the Organization of Liberians, but no other data or information relating to deportation has been obtained about other states in the US that have a significant population of Liberian immigrants. Some leaders from different Liberian communities believe that there are ongoing secret deportations of Liberian immigrants in other states. Liberian clients have apparently been told by their lawyers that there may not be an extension to the Liberian TPS/DED safe alibi this time around, meaning that it is all the more vital for Liberian immigrants to have an understanding of their legal rights as refugees in the US.

Liberian immigrants  who may be facing similar circumstances are being urged by immigrant advocates to be aware of the nature of their particular cases, and not be tricked into paying money to representatives of immigration services without being fully aware of all the options that may be available to them.

All Liberian immigrant organizations need to pay close attention to the crisis that the Liberian Diaspora community is now facing, according to one immigrant advocate.