Long Beach City Council declares support for Obama

Long Beach City Council has expressed solidarity with the decision made by President Obama to expand the deferred action program to the parents of US citizens, with the council voting unanimously to sign an amicus brief to support the appeal being made by the White House against the Texas court ruling that blocked the executive action.

The city’s signature will therefore be included in the Supreme Court challenge to the ruling, joining a coalition of around 100 counties and cities that form Cities United for Immigration Action (CUIA). The CUIA supports Obama’s efforts to enact immigration reform and around 43 million people are represented by the cities and counties that have signed up to support the president’s court challenge.

Seventh District councilman Roberto Uranga says Long Beach’s decision to show its support for the initiative could help to prevent the draconian measures being proposed by some that could see deportation breaking up millions of families in the United States and have an unintentional adverse impact on the country’s economy. “There is a better way toward immigration reform,” Uranga says. “Texas versus the United States is not that path to take.”

“I think you all understand that this council does not have legal authority over this issue, but it is important for us to stand up and make statements, however symbolic they may be, that impact a great percentage of our residents and that is what that action would be,” declared vice-mayor Suja Lowenthal.