Mexico needs to get involved in US immigration reform

FLAG1The Mexican government can ill afford to ignore the heated debate on immigration reform that is taking place in the large and powerful North, according to some experts, and yet it appears to be doing just that.  While there are many historical reasons for the Mexican government to be taking such a passive approach, this is not the case in today’s world.

Some people in Mexico believe that the immigration debate is a matter for the United States to sort out on their own, while others feel it is in Mexico’s own national interest to become involved.  Those who would rather stay out of it feel that immigration is an internal issue for any society, and that a sovereign government alone has the authority needed to decide on how to legally treat people who may be residing there on an illegal basis.

Others, however, take a different view.  With so many Mexicans having relatives who live over the border, and something like 10% of the country’s populace now living there, many feel that it is hard for the Mexican government to stay out of a debate that affects so many of its constituents regardless of whatever the United States ends up deciding.

The government seems at the moment to be trying to straddle both sides of the fence, simultaneously staying out of the debate while preparing consulates to inform those who may be impacted by the changes, stating its position and preferences and trying to work with communities most affected by immigrants to try and ease worries and advance its own perspective.