Mexico speaks out on ban

USCIS looks for support services for extra workA ban that has been in effect since toward the end of July this year has been questioned by opponents, and now the Mexico government has also weighed in on the issue, Fox News Latino claims. The controversial SB1070 law in Arizona has seen the Mexican government ask the US Court to block part of the law that bans people in the United States from harboring illegal immigrants.

SB1070 is an America immigration reform law that forces police to discover the legal status of any immigrant who has been arrested or even just detained. The law has been criticized as an invitation to begin the racial profiling of people who are questioned based on nothing on their appearance or the manner in which they talk.

The ban on the law is harming diplomatic relations between the US and other countries claim lawyers who are representing the Ninth Circuit of Appeals in a filing on Dec. 26, as national laws are being undermined by the laws of individual states. “Mexico cannot conduct effective negotiations with the United States when the foreign policy decisions of the federal governments are undermined by the individual policies of individual states,” Mexican government lawyers say.

The US Supreme Court has already struck down a number of sections of the law but has so far upheld the questioning aspect, meaning that immigrants have to obtain and carry immigration papers, something that many claim is simply unacceptable.