New business groups petition for immigration reform

Immigration ReformOver 630 business organizations, 154 of them in the agriculture industry, recently petitioned Congress to try to get them to push a comprehensive immigration bill forward.  One of the organizations demanding that a new immigration bill be passed in 2014 is the American Farm Bureau, which is one of the biggest employers of immigrant labor and thus particularly keen to see immigration reform pushed through.

The coalition of businesses from across the United States signed a letter and had it sent to Republican Party leaders in the House of Representatives.  The letter stated that all signatories were unanimous in believing that the immigration system needs to be modernized for the sake of the economy and the country as a whole.

The organizations insist that the proper handling of immigration reform would deter illegal immigration, supplement the existing workforce in the United States, address the changing economic needs of the country and cause more activity in the economy.  They also highlighted the fact that deportations, which threaten the unity of families, could be prevented by immigration reform.

Around 250 businesses of all sizes and from innumerable industries from all over the United States, in addition to around 400 business associations, federations, chambers and bureaus representing a large array of interests and sectors are included in the list of signatories.  The organizations all agree that the current system of immigration is “dysfunctional” and that changing the laws would encourage innovation and investments and enable more talent to enter the workforce.